About us

Al Yassin Holding was founded in 2009 to bring all Yassin Group of companies’ investments under one umbrella.

The Founder of this Holding company is Mr. Yassin Ahmed Al Shoqeiry, who has been in the financial investments field since mid 50s in USA, Europe, Far East and the Middle East.

Al Yassin Holding has several key business sectors; investing in Banking, Securities, Mortgage finance, Agriculture, and Real Estate, with plans to expand in clean energy production and ship building, as well as, several other fields.

This holding company works in projects that not only ensure high profitability for the shareholders but also add value to the society, such as, financing the national program for youth housing with multimillion EGP through Housing and Development Bank HDB.

Al Yassin Holding has increased its investments in 2009-2010 in several fields by 100 million US Dollars.